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A workshop Gift Voucher gives your family and friends

an all expenses paid opportunity to paint a masterpiece in just one day !



Book on a workshop and create something beautiful, anyone can do it !


-Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas  



Landscape, Seascape, Floral and Animal Workshops are now available, held in my garden in Leicestershire

for one or two students observing the 2m rule and taking all health and safety precautions


Please contact me if you are interested 

ONE DAY workshops available -£50 per person

HALF DAY (2 and half hrs) workshops available -£25 per person


****I am happy to travel if you have a family/friends group and the space available to hold the workshop 


Jayne-  07968495177

















Sun 19th Jan      The studio Broughton Astley

Wed 22nd Jan    The studio Broughton Astley

Sat 1st Feb          Harlaxton Village Hall Nr Grantham

Sun 23rd Feb     Mountain Ash Crafts BobbingtonDY75EP        

Tue 3rd Mar       The studio Broughton Astley

Thur 26th Mar   The studio Broughton Astley

Fri 17th Apr        The studio Broughton Astley

Tue 28th Apr      The studio Broughton Astley









Floral and Wildlife


Fri 17th Jan        Highland Cow   The Studio B.Astley

Tue 21st Jan       Koi Carp             The studio B.Astley

Sat 25th Jan       Basket with robins The studio B Astley

Wed 29th Jan     Dog Roses         The studio B.Astley

Thu 30th Jan       Rose Oval         The studio B. Astley

Sat 15th Feb         Sunflowers        The studio B.Astley

Mon 24th Feb      Cow                     The studio B.Astley

Sun 1st Mar          Highland Cow    The studio B.Astley

Wed 4th Mar        Red Tulips          The studio B,Astley

Sat 14th Mar        Fantasy  Flowers The studio B.Astley

Sun 29th Mar      Highland Cow     The studio B.Astley

Thur 23rd Apr     Amaryllis            The studio B.Astley

Fri 24th Apr        Lion                      The studio B.Astley

Sat 25th Apr        Geraniums          The studio B.Astley






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